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Domestic Courier service Coimbatore

air cargo - surface cargo - logistics - pick & pack

domestic courier service

Air Cargo

We ship all of your mass consignments/materials to several destinations across India by cargo flights which caters specialized and dedicated handling and door-to-door delivery of critical priority shipments such as medicines (vaccines), perishable commodities (fruits and vegetables) and other time sensitive freight by air cargo transport. We deliver Air cargo consignments to the precise destination in 24 to 48 hours based on our customer demands.

Surface Cargo

We transport all of your bulk cargoes through freight trucks and Railways to assorted stations all over India. We ensure safety of your freights by providing container LCVs, TPC to ascertain on time delivery for surface cargo.

Logistic Solutions

As a logistic service provider it is crucial to cater warehousing facilities which we fulfil by providing godowns and enhancing the dispatch operation of procurement, storage, packing and deliver as per customer demands.

Pick & Pack

We offer a special service of Packaging and Processing for all of our customers to ease their needs in transporting their shipments/materials. We are happy to do our services for processing and packing, labelling and even for insertions of documents in envelopes.