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  • Reliablity.

International Courier Service Coimbatore

utmost safety & Delivery in time across the globe

International Courier Services

MJ marketing is a team dedicated to the customers all over India in their daily effort to reach their official written communication, personal written communication and as well as bulk consignments to all over the world with utmost safety and in time.

we are committed to provide affordable International courier service and at the same time strictly adhering to the tight time schedules and quality standards. we provide a special benefit to the customers as a Convenient Solution for your Urgency by picking up your International Documents & consignments, documents and packages from your location, clearing through customs and delivered to your consignee.

Features :
  • Specialised fast handling facilities

  • Priority financial industry services

  • 90% of international banks' first choice

  • World class packaging

  • Door to door one company control

  • State of the art information systems

Benefits :
  • Highest level of control and security

  • The best possible service to your company

  • Track status online door to door

  • Peace of mind

  • One point of contact and accountability

  • The leading edge for financial services