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Logistics Coimbatore

storage facilities with smooth delay - free customs clearance

Logistics - Freight Forwarder

Logistic demands of various industries, Companies nowadays all over the Earth have been increased by assorted factors. We realize the importance of warehousing and we will store and manage your inventory in our strategically located state-of-the art logistics centres offering bonded or duty-paid options to cater for the different needs of customers in all industry segments.

Through our wide freight forwarding company network and comprehensive logistics transportation solutions, we offer you door-to-door delivery from one or multiple suppliers into the storage warehouse with smooth delay-free customs clearance. We will cover all stages of your supply chain from the moment your inventory leaves your suppliers until the moment it reaches your retailers or final customers.

We provide the following services to make sure our customers get 100% satisfaction of their logistic needs to all over the world.

  • Facility Management

  • Supply Chain Management Defined

  • Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance

  • Value Added Services

  • Distribution